10/09/12 12:51 pm

Obama's Clooney Addiction

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the president's Hollywood obsession. Obama was in LA wit...
10/08/12 06:44 pm

Pew: Mitt Takes Lead

In a huge swing since their last survey, Mitt Romney now leads by 4 points among...
10/08/12 02:15 am

Economy Explained Without Talking

Who says thirty seconds isn't long enough to get a message across?
10/07/12 01:39 pm

Krugman: Obama's Job 25% Complete

Paul Krugman defends the president by saying the economy is on the road to a ver...
10/07/12 11:34 am

Carville: It's the Indian

All the whining from the left over Jim Lehrer offering to much freedom to Mitt R...
10/05/12 06:06 am

The Obama's Celebrate 20 Years

We have exclusive sound from the Obama's post-debate anniversary celebratio...
10/05/12 04:32 am

Obama Media: Show Me the Halo

Wouldn't you think a debate with a passive moderator would be 'advanta...
10/04/12 05:16 am

Chris Matthews Can't Take It

Chris Matthews melts down over the president's horrible performance in the ...
10/04/12 04:51 am

Carville: Obama Didn't Want to Be There

James Carville wasn't happy with the president's debate performance. I...
10/04/12 04:26 am

Romney: You Pick the Losers

The president offers his usual hate Exxon/Mobil energy plan, but Mitt rebuts tax...
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