11/20/08 10:55 am

Why are they surprised?

Barack built his early campaign around the phony notion that he was an anti-war ...
11/20/08 12:13 am

Expectations Lowered

One of Barack's legitimate fears could be that expectations for his adminis...
11/18/08 07:53 pm

Holder On

The A.G. President-elect Obama has decided to tap Eric Holder as his attorney ...
11/18/08 06:47 pm

Lincoln Killer

The media folk are beating the legacy of Honest Abe to death, convinced that the...
11/18/08 08:57 am

Pajama Power

While capitalism is clearly the only realistic system for running an economy, it...
11/17/08 11:53 pm

Wrong Again

With most of my political predictions proving false, it's no surprise that ...
11/17/08 06:22 pm

Bail doubt

Will Democrats do the wrong thing? Rest assured. Bailing out the automakers may ...
11/17/08 09:35 am


Barack's most natural condition is being serious.
11/16/08 05:06 pm

Madame Hillary

Have I been remiss in not taking the notion of Hillary seriously? I mean for Sec...
11/16/08 10:30 am

The Office of Oops!

Any large voting block that delivers 94% of its vote to a politician deserves a ...
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