12/31/08 10:24 am

Rush to Judgement

Does anyone remember affirmative action? Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said Burris' ra...
12/27/08 10:43 pm

Puff Goes Barack

Do you ever wonder how people in politics can stand themselves? The chairman of ...
12/24/08 08:34 am

Barack's Excellent News

Breaking news.
12/23/08 10:08 am

Rich Girl

What do you want from her? If she were applying to be, say, an undersecretary of...
12/22/08 09:43 am

The Snake

Barney doesn't like it. The first openly gay member of Congress said yester...
12/20/08 05:46 pm

Let it Be

Have you ever wondered what sort of impression the American people would have of...
12/20/08 01:22 am

Fight For Your Right

I was getting nervous there for a while - it really seemed like Rod Blagojevich ...
12/19/08 12:08 am

Invocation Conflagration

Some liberals are irate with Barack for his decision to have Pastor Rick Warren ...
12/18/08 01:18 pm

Opportunity Nox

Is this a burden on Barack, or an opportunity? A new military plan for troop wit...
12/17/08 11:54 pm

Blago Ad

The RNC has released a web ad going after Barack for his inconsistent response t...
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