01/17/09 10:03 am

Blackberry Buddy

Some conservatives fear that Barack isn't tough enough for the Commander in...
01/14/09 01:01 pm

The Ticket

"I didn't know I owed the taxes... that's it, that's the tic...
01/12/09 01:03 pm


A good chunk of the contempt for the presidency of George W. Bush is based on an...
01/10/09 12:31 am

Another One

Just another Dirty Democrat. Baltimore Mayor Sheila A.
01/09/09 01:03 pm

We Are the One

What is the greatest talent that Barack Obama possesses? Could it be the ability...
01/08/09 03:30 pm

Could Be

Are you more concerned by the meltdown or the reaction to the meltdown? I'v...
01/07/09 07:07 pm

He Shall Overcome

Might the pointless, self-destructive attempt by Democrats to keep the black man...
01/06/09 01:01 pm

Affirmative Racism

Racist Democrats continue their efforts to stop the black man from taking over t...
01/04/09 09:31 am

Disaster Formula

Having America's most liberal politicians in control of the government duri...
01/02/09 01:26 am

Royal Pain

Being an American Royal can be tougher than being a British Monarch. At least ov...
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