02/11/09 08:02 am

Julio Moment

Barack had a Julio moment in Fort Myers yesterday. Watching Barack, the highly e...
02/10/09 11:35 am

Breath Tax

Could the Democrats' timing be any worse? Governor Deval Patrick is conside...
02/06/09 12:28 pm

Little Blow

I can't quite comprehend what's happening to Michael Phelps. Long befo...
02/05/09 03:24 pm

Panicked Pander

How excited are Americans by the Stimulus Package? Two weeks ago, 45% supported ...
02/03/09 05:01 pm

Sign of the Times

Further proof that reading the New York Times is a mistake. The President says ...
02/03/09 12:04 pm

Off the Handle

Barack is irate over the horrible vetting job his team has done on a series of t...
02/02/09 12:53 pm

Material Computations

02/01/09 09:50 am

Turbo Lies

For Geithner, it was a Turbo Tax error.
01/31/09 09:14 am

Accommodation Granted

Democrats are the Good Government party, and there is none as pure of Tom Daschl...
01/30/09 03:36 pm

Smoking Budgets

Before teachers lose their jobs, are they going to cut the tobacco cessation pro...
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