04/08/09 08:25 pm

Do You Remember?

Do you remember Barack Obama, the guy who was offended by the notion of wearing ...
04/08/09 09:17 am

Racist Chia

For years people have been buying dumb little objects with weeds growing on them...
04/05/09 09:21 am

Intuitively Offensive

The Obama bow to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia continues ...
04/04/09 09:40 am

Long on Disease

Will the unions, and the failed liberal ideals that spawned them, succeed in doi...
04/04/09 07:11 am

Much Change, Little Hope

With socialists now in charge of the country, change sure is a comin'.
03/31/09 10:44 pm


It makes sense that Democrats like high taxes. They assume that no one pays thei...
03/31/09 11:08 am

Racial Harmon-y

I'm feeling Angie's pain. Angie Harmon is not afraid to come out and...
03/30/09 03:12 am

Friendly Fire

Newsweek went with a cover story this week about President Obama being attacked ...
03/27/09 11:40 am

Hell Cooling

Where is the European love for Barack Obama? Weren't they taking turns shin...
03/26/09 10:04 am


Instead of Gordon Brown, consider that these remarks are being made about Presid...
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