08/03/12 02:05 am

Obama Hate

Does anyone remember way back a few weeks ago when President Obama was an anti-g...
08/01/12 05:07 pm

Doubling Down on Class Warfare

Former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell can't figure out why Liz Warren ha...
07/31/12 01:51 am

Bill Clinton Accepts 3AM Call

Brit Hume runs through the numbers to demonstrate why Bill Clinton will be featu...
07/30/12 07:32 pm

Rove: Romney Gains Electoral Strength

Karl Rove does one of his regular updates on the electoral college breakdown for...
07/30/12 04:05 pm

Obama: A Different Kind of Campaign

Anyone remember 2008? It was a different time... Do we want to have the same old...
07/30/12 04:07 am

Scalia: What Can He Do to Me?

Justice Antonin Scalia laughs at the idea that anyone deciding cases on the Supr...
07/29/12 11:10 am

Carney Struggles to Defend Obama Attack Campaign

Jake Tapper forces Jay Carney to reflect on how State Senator Barack Obama, comp...
07/27/12 05:31 am

Obama: It Worked

Out of context? Unfair?
07/27/12 04:45 am

Obama Makes Ugly

Chuck Todd says this is the ugliest presidential campaign ever. Will voters acce...
07/26/12 04:45 am

Warren & Obama 'Didn't Build' Socialist Rant

The folks at Legal Insurrection have found the source of the socialist, anti-Ame...
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