08/12/12 04:19 pm

Evan Bayh: Ryan Takes Focus off Obama

I figure the calculation on the Romney team is that they're going to get bl...
08/10/12 01:47 pm

Comparing Obama to Hope & Change

A new American Crossroads ad compares Obama to himself - and to his inspiration ...
08/09/12 06:10 pm

Brownstein: The 80/40 Solution

If you're wondering why it doesn't seem as if the Obama White House ma...
08/09/12 01:08 pm

Sabato: Obama Doing Well Because it's Summer

Larry Sabato is asked why the tough economy hasn't sunk President Obama...
08/09/12 07:48 am

Gigot: Obama ad Will Hurt Obama

Paul Gigot from the Wall Street Journal reacts to the controversial ad attacking...
08/08/12 08:59 am

Where Did Warren/Obama Get the Socialist Rant?

Reposting by popular demand. The folks at Legal Insurrection have found the sour...
08/08/12 05:30 am

Juan: Obama Ad Low Ball Politics

Even Juan Williams is grossed out by the latest Obama attack on Mitt Romney - an...
08/07/12 12:57 pm

Attack on Capitalism Continues

Mitt Romney, and capitalism, kill people. And they don't even care.
08/04/12 02:36 am

'Honest' Obama Ad a Lie

The Washington Post Fact Checker is all excited because it says the Obama campai...
08/03/12 05:07 am

Harry Reid: Obama Hit Man

Harry Reid started slimy attacks a couple of weeks ago. He basically hasn't...
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