10/19/12 01:54 pm

Obama Voters & Libya

College kids. Honest. Smart. Uninformed.
10/19/12 07:29 am

Good Lines at Al Smith

Mitt Romney brought some good material to the Al Smith dinner last night. I have...
10/19/12 01:54 am

Obama: Dead Americans Not Optimal

Obama outdoes himself with this Jon Stewart appearance. If four Americans get ki...
10/18/12 04:09 am

Obama: Excuses

This is a wonderful ad from the GOP on Obama's excuses. I'm not going ...
10/18/12 01:08 am

Jimmy Kimmel: God Bless America

The Jimmy Kimmel Show asks voters who won the debate - before it happened. They ...
10/17/12 08:54 am

Obama: When I Was President

Has President Obama already moved on? Here, he references "when I was p...
10/17/12 06:09 am

George Will: Best Debate Ever

George Will says this was the best debate ever!
10/17/12 05:19 am

Debate: An Act of Terror

A key area of dispute in Tuesday's debate was whether the president called ...
10/17/12 01:58 am

Debate II: Bickering on Energy

Mitt confronts the president on energy policy and the two bicker. Romney's ...
10/17/12 01:55 am

Rove: Obama Needed Something More

Karl Rove's assessment of Debate II: Advantage Obama, but not what the pres...
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