obama care

06/23/10 11:24 am

Having Your Phil

Congressman Phil Hare was a Youtube star a few months back when he told constitu...
04/07/10 02:34 pm

Kitchen Cabinet

This guy might offer the most powerful argument yet for Castro Care.
04/01/10 04:42 am

Nobel Death

You know how scornful the Socialistas get over the notion of Death Panels? Well...
03/29/10 06:41 am

Monday Smile

Something to hum as you get your week started!
03/24/10 07:08 am

Fake Hate

Please see the post on Gateway Pundit that shows there was no outrageous protest...
03/23/10 10:29 pm

My Name is Sue

Now, to the courts. Virginia's lawsuit challenging the constitutionality o...
03/09/10 12:27 pm

Baking Bart

Has Bart Stupak's price been paid? Prospects are good for resolving a dispu...
03/03/10 07:09 pm

Groundhog Day

Here we go again, as the President announces the latest push for health reform.
02/11/10 08:33 pm

Catastrophic Proposal

Might Judd Gregg provide the bridge to restarting the legislative process on hea...
01/26/10 09:18 am

Happy Anniversary

It's already been a week since the Massachusetts victory. Not enough time f...
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