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08/10/12 09:25 am

Joe Outrage Over Joe

The folks at Morning Joe aren't buying claims from various Obama campaign s...
08/05/12 09:43 am

Burping Axelrod Defends Big Spending

David Axelrod fights off a burp as he responds to a New York Times story that hi...
07/02/12 11:22 am

Mitt Damaged by Bain Attacks

Are the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney working? Take a look at the...
06/13/12 08:53 am

Obama Trivializes Blacks with Condescending Ad

Have you ever seen a political ad as cynical as this one from the Obama campaign...
05/15/12 01:35 am

Obama Releases Bain Attack Ad

Campaign O is reaching back to Newt's arsenal against Mitt - which goes bac...
04/26/12 06:45 pm

Dick Morris: Obama Campaign Run By Idiots

Dick Morris thinks the president's handlers are running a stupid campaign. ...
04/11/11 04:27 am

New anti-Obama Campaign Ad Warms Hearts

A Monday morning lift from the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.
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