07/23/12 06:56 pm

Kirsten Powers: Democrats in Fear of NRA

Conservative Bill Kristol says there should be some control on things like 100 r...
06/27/12 04:30 pm

35 Dems May Vote Against Holder

Luke Russert reports on MSNBC that any member of congress who doesn't vote ...
04/19/12 04:03 pm

Ted Nugent Should Face The Music

09/29/11 04:55 pm

Rick Perry: My Golf is Guns

If Rick Perry gets elected president, it will be fun to see him shooting on Mart...
02/08/11 07:05 am

Michelle Would Take Away Barack's Corncakes

In his former life as a state senator, Barack Obama did restaurant reviews. Now,...
01/12/11 04:51 pm

Bill Maher Targets Gun Owners with Leno

The Tonight Show crowd is reluctant in its response to Bill Maher's Tucson ...
07/06/10 09:08 pm

Wrong Angle

Sharron Angle's doing her best to position Harry Reid for an unwarranted vi...
06/11/10 10:40 pm

An American

Bob McConnell is running for Congress in Colorado. The message is simple, and co...
05/16/10 04:42 am

Killing Guns, Killing Jobs

Sarah Palin spoke to the NRA on Friday. Former Republican vice presidential cand...
05/11/10 02:11 pm

Party On

He had a substantial lead not long ago, but now senator Arlen Specter is running...
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