06/07/12 04:47 am

Lefty: Recall Was One Big Mistake

Mara Liasson of NPR talks about how stupid it was for Big Labor to challenge Sco...
02/13/12 07:13 pm

NPR: Obama Budget All Politics

Maura Liasson of NPR says the president's budget isn't going to be pas...
11/26/11 08:39 pm

Why Krauthammer Hates Semi-Colons

A funny exchange between Charles Krauthammer and Nina Totenberg, as Charles anno...
10/30/11 03:01 pm

Mara Liasson, Vampire

Watch her eyes... it looks like Mara Liasson is going thru the Vampire change! ...
07/11/11 01:36 am

Roar of the Liberal Lion

Nina is an NPR reporter who's a regular on Inside Washington, a weekly wrap...
06/13/11 09:04 am

Brooks Rips Newt

David Brooks is generally a nice guy, but he speaks with unusual disdain about N...
04/23/11 05:44 am

James O'Keefe: False Pretense in a Fraudulent World

Good interview with James O'Keefe, freedom fighter, by Jon Stossel. We beli...
04/09/11 03:14 pm

Budget Deal: The People Get Rolled

Is the president's team saving the big fight for next year?
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