03/31/11 02:16 am

President Mocks Two Nobel Prize Winners

Obama self-deprecates about Nobel Prize. When will he realize the presidential w...
10/04/10 04:19 am

Hardly Workin'

We know that people making a hundred million dollars a year aren't contribu...
01/26/10 07:57 pm

Scott and a Hard Place

It's crunch time for Obama, getting squeezed between the will of the people...
12/18/09 08:00 am


President Obama loves Scandinavia. They've done so many nice things for him...
10/09/09 05:45 pm

The Dubya Award

The world is wondering... Why the Nobel? Did Obama win for not being George Bu...
10/09/09 07:17 am

Obama wins Heisman

Okay, you're right. Obama didn't win the Heisman. But if it was awarde...
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