03/13/12 08:55 am

Mitt Can't Get it Right

Some of Mitt's best friends own NASCAR teams, and others own NFL teams.
09/14/11 08:52 am

Rush Limbaugh Is Now Irrelevant

02/05/11 02:46 pm

Superbowl is Contact Sport

Tomorrow will be no time for folks attending the Superbowl to be feeling touchy....
01/29/11 06:34 pm

Bill Maher Compares NFL to Socialism

Apparently, the NFL is a government and the owners are citizens who have their m...
01/21/11 02:24 pm

What Does Jesus Really Think?

The Huffington Post is reporting that an ad, placed by, has ...
10/14/09 10:47 pm

Liberal Hate

The campaign against Rush Limbaugh is a startling example of the insidious natur...
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