11/21/11 10:49 am

Liberal Chorus Critical of Newt

Mika Brzezinski is horrified by Newt's comments about Occupiers needing to ...
11/20/11 10:43 am

Bill Kristol Says Newt Can Survive Attacks

On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume and AB Stoddard rip into Newt for being a...
11/13/11 04:22 am

GOP Debate: Diversity of Opinion on Display

The candidates had a difference of opinion on waterboarding in Saturday night�...
11/09/11 02:04 am

Newt Scolds Piers Morgan

Newt bristles when Piers tries to teach him about the reality of politics.
10/18/11 08:36 pm

Herman Cain Treated Like Frontrunner in Vegas

At the GOP debate Tuesday evening, Herman Cain faced attack from all his opponen...
10/12/11 02:20 am

Newt Attacks Stupid Super Committee

The law passed to raise the debt ceiling a couple of months ago included an auto...
09/08/11 09:34 am

Newt Goes Centrist on Immigration

Newt lays out a nuanced view on immigration in the debate last night with some t...
09/08/11 07:53 am

Newt Rocks on ObamaCare

Newt speaks for all the candidates on ObamaCare. If Obama cared, he'd call ...
06/26/11 06:33 am

Bachmann Runs with Mitt in Iowa

Michele Bachmann is running neck and neck with Mitt in Iowa. Romney, the nationa...
06/14/11 04:47 am

Cain, Mitt & Newt Discuss Muslims

Asked a follow up on his recent statements regarding Muslims, Herman Cain shifte...
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