12/28/11 08:47 am

Is Palin the Answer?

A political action committee is running ads in Iowa promoting Sarah Palin as the...
12/27/11 04:19 pm

Worst Campaign Vid Ever

Just cause you can make a video doesn't mean you should.
12/22/11 04:45 am

Gingrich: Scarier Than Mitt

True or false - Calista is scary.   Reminds me of Cindy McCain. People...
12/21/11 07:29 pm

Newt Facing Ugly Occupy Intimidation

Newt gets harrassed by Occupiers, who accuse him of being the candidate of the 1...
12/20/11 06:09 pm

Tom: Consistently Full of S**t!

It's Tom & Todd's Face-Off.  
12/20/11 01:48 pm

Voters: Ron Paul Credible, Mitt Not

Why can't Mitt close the deal? Maybe it's because voters who are stron...
12/20/11 04:48 am

Palin: It's Not Too Late

There's not really a hint in this cut that Sarah means she is considering g...
12/09/11 07:09 am

O'Reilly Assaults Occupier?

Bill O'Reilly used his umbrella to fend off an Occupier in Washington the o...
12/09/11 01:21 am

Gingrich: Shooting Star?

It strikes me as dangerous for Newt that his surge is so substantial and so spee...
12/08/11 04:12 pm

Mitt: I Don't Have a Political Career

Mitt talks about his leadership training, his father, and why he's the guy ...
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