09/19/10 02:04 pm

Colin Noise

Colin Powell defended the president on Meet the Press Sunday, saying that Obama ...
09/14/10 02:35 am

Mad Man

More on Newt Gingrich's commentary over the weekend regarding a psychologic...
08/16/10 08:29 pm

One For Harry

Everyone wants to know why Barack Obama created a national frenzy over the simme...
07/25/10 04:09 pm

Howard Spews

Howard Dean was on Fox News Sunday to drop bombs on behalf of the Vast Left Wing...
07/12/10 07:03 am

Kick Boxer

Will Barbara Boxer get thrown out of the United States Senate by former HP CEO C...
02/20/10 08:26 pm

Perpetual War

Newt explains how to beat the Dems. Ron Paul at CPAC.
11/01/09 07:32 pm

Proven Right

The right has been proven right in abandoning the Republican nominee in New York...
10/31/09 08:21 pm

Dede Done

Remember a few months ago when the main stream media declared the GOP to be dead...
06/10/09 10:02 pm

It's Alright

When Judge Sotomayor's views on the superior judgement of Hispanic women hi...
11/20/08 08:54 pm

Newt Toot

Ya gotta love the guy.
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