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03/07/11 02:15 am

David Brooks - More Money Should Go to Young

David Brooks makes the point on Meet the Press that the country must have a conv...
01/11/11 08:25 pm

Is Andrea Mitchell Really Still a Reporter?

Andrea Mitchell can't hide her leftism - she's a pundit/host on MSNBC ...
12/19/10 09:40 am

Wiki Hurt

Joe Biden, on Meet the Press, says the massive release of documents on Wikileaks...
12/13/10 06:56 am

Major Liberal Says Dems Got Everything in Tax Deal

"We got everything we wanted," says former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr...
11/01/10 08:26 pm

Obama the Messiah - Chris Matthews Remembers When

Chris Matthews laments that the salesman Obama from the campaign never made it t...
09/04/10 10:13 pm

Shining Sadaam

It's a shame that Sadaam Hussein was deposed by the U.S. invasion when the ...
09/02/10 04:19 pm

Fear of Hope

We have traveled from Hope to Fear in just 18 months.
08/30/10 02:23 am

Plastered President

The president had a Katrina induced sit-down with Brian Williams yesterday, and...
08/13/10 04:42 am

Other is Best

Wall Street hates Barack Obama says Jim Cramer, while NBC political director Chu...
06/03/09 06:25 pm

News Slant

The bowing thing is getting confusing. Obama was back in the presence of the Kin...
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