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10/11/12 05:00 am

Chuck Todd Attacks Rasmussen

Chuck Todd complains about 'slop' like the Rasmussen polls saying they...
06/27/12 04:30 pm

35 Dems May Vote Against Holder

Luke Russert reports on MSNBC that any member of congress who doesn't vote ...
06/27/12 01:58 am

Voters Still Against ObamaCare

Most voters still want ObamaCare overturned. 37 percent of those polled say they...
03/20/12 05:24 pm

Chuck Todd: Tonight Won't Wrap it For Mitt

Chuck Todd says an 8 or 10 point win for Mitt Romney tonight doesn't seal t...
08/24/11 01:56 am

Lying Race Hustlers on MSNBC Do it Again

The liars on MSNBC push the liberal race hustle whenever they can, and even when...
07/28/11 07:30 pm

Chuck Todd: Better if Boehner Loses

Chuck Todd from NBC News says the main sticking point between the house...
07/06/11 01:39 am

Cain Faces Hostile Media

Herman Cain defends himself on his qualifications to be president. If you were s...
06/07/11 04:32 am

NBC Leads with Weiner

NBC News package on the Anthony Weiner confession press conference.
03/28/11 08:19 am

All Barack's Saying is Give War a Chance

An anti-war activist channels John Lennon on Meet the Press. On Sunday's &q...
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