08/05/12 04:03 am

NBC Called Racist

NBC is taking some heat for placing an ad featuring a monkey doing gymnastics im...
04/29/12 07:13 pm

Hilary Rosen Gets Hate Speech Reward

Hilary Rosen is a high paid Democratic consultant who burst into the national co...
02/05/12 12:42 pm

Deval Sprinkles Magic Dust on MTP

Since the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, NBC invited New York Mayor Mike Bloomb...
01/28/12 04:48 pm

Mitt Hits Newt on Ethics

NBC has asked that the ad be taken down. Brokaw also issued a statement. &qu...
06/20/11 02:20 am

NBC Apologizes For Cutting Under God

It was the U.S. Open with a produced Pledge of Allegiance, and somehow, NBC acci...
05/16/11 03:17 pm

Donald Trump Decides Not to Become President

Donald Trump announced today that he's getting back to work on what matters...
01/07/11 12:55 pm

Momma's Been Burned, Not Trusting Teddy

Ted Williams brought his mother on the Today Show. Now, she must be proud.
09/29/10 08:57 am

Education Nation

NBC's coverage of the education crisis in America this week has often been ...
08/28/10 05:47 am

Hate Network

Even the hosts and commentators on MSNBC have to laugh over how biased their ne...
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