03/22/12 05:02 am

Congressman Tells O'Reilly Nazis Attacked Pearl Harbor

Congressman Keith Ellison shakes his head in dismay over the ignorance of Bill O...
09/22/11 01:38 pm

Compassionate Teacher Talks Hate in Texas

A liberal teacher turns to hate speech when he hears an idea on immigration that...
06/17/11 01:53 am

Adolph: Liberal Hate Hits Jersey

Love filled union leaders in New Jersey calls Governor Christie a Nazi. &nbs...
02/24/10 12:33 pm

Sanders Slanders

Does name calling help resolve the debate over Global Warming? The alarmists thi...
10/17/09 12:11 pm

House Noam

The liberal double standard is alive and well. They use hate speech to criticize...
08/14/09 11:19 am

Never Happen

One thing all conservatives should be embarrassed about is the use of Hitler aga...
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