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09/28/12 01:12 pm

False Indian Claims in New Ad

With Super PACS staying out of the Scott Brown/Liz Warren race, the challenge is...
09/24/12 09:29 am

New Ad Hits Warren on Indian Claims

New Scott Brown ad highlights how Elizabeth Warren built her career by declaring...
09/20/12 07:34 pm

Brown Hits Warren on Indian Fraud

The Brown/Warren debate opens on the question of character. Scott is nervous and...
06/13/12 06:51 pm

Chris Matthews Mocks Ivy League to Liz Warren

Chris Matthews, using the standard MSNBC leftist bigotry, makes fun of the Ivy L...
06/11/12 12:53 pm

Liz Warren Hammers Us Again

In case you hadn't heard, the middle class is getting hammered.
06/04/12 01:49 am

Warren: I'd Be First Indian Senator for Mass

Now, here's the question. Did Elizabeth Warren tell us she would be our fir...
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