nancy pelosi

08/01/10 11:27 am

Taps For Tapper

After a wonderful few months of Jake Tapper as interim host of ABC's This W...
05/17/10 11:57 am

Non Credo Nancy

Here she is, admitting that Democrats are socialists... Nancy Pelosi!
03/24/10 07:08 am

Fake Hate

Please see the post on Gateway Pundit that shows there was no outrageous protest...
03/03/10 07:09 pm

Groundhog Day

Here we go again, as the President announces the latest push for health reform.
11/21/09 08:25 pm

D equals Liberal

It hasn't been hard for the Democrats thusfar in their latest attempt to di...
09/14/09 06:48 pm

No Move

President Obama seemed to have made a forceful presentation to Congress, and to ...
05/24/09 07:28 pm

Remembering War Lies

As a Memorial Day weekend service to the country, I thought it would be appropri...
05/19/09 07:06 am

Going, going...

Dick Morris says that Nancy Pelosi has been rendered ineffective and will end up...
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