03/26/11 12:00 pm

Dancing with the Muslims

Muslims celebrate Hope & Change with an odd sort of Obama dance. Sri Lan...
12/12/10 10:01 pm

Beck's Ten Percent Claim Challenged on CNN

Fareed Zacharia goes after Glenn Beck for suggesting that 10% of the Muslim worl...
11/18/10 08:37 am

Does Ann Coulter Have it Right?

Ann Coulter tells it like it is. How dare she.
10/23/10 06:07 am

NPR Controversy Grows As Juan Hosts O'Reilly

NPR has stomped on the hornets nest with its firing of Juan Williams, who was th...
10/21/10 08:29 pm

NPR Fires Juan WIlliams Over the Phone

The story of the firing of Juan Williams from NPR continues to fascinate. Questi...
10/21/10 02:35 am

Juan Williams Fired For Honesty

It had to happen. You can't be honest in the liberal world. During an appea...
09/09/10 07:08 pm

Blinking Jones

Pastor Jones has blinked.
01/27/09 12:57 pm

Muddle Diplomacy

Barack's strategy thusfar? Disposing of liberal expectations early so that ...
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