09/01/10 07:46 am


Is there a spate of Islamophobia going on in America? I haven't seen or hea...
08/31/10 07:52 am


Most of Barack Obama's political problems are the result of self-inflicted ...
08/23/10 04:21 pm

Ground Zero Mosque just got worse for OBAMA

Wow, you really can't make this up.  The Ground Zero Imam says Uni...
08/17/10 02:48 am

Principle Party

Rep. Peter King, with Stephanopoulos, on the mosque. Rep Keith Ellison, the firs...
08/10/10 05:07 am

Muslim Mischief

A Muslim sets the record straight on why the intolerance of building a mosque at...
08/04/10 09:23 am

Freedom of Pandering

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting much praise for his manipulative remarks in f...
07/09/10 06:38 am

The Middle Name

What is the source of the president's problems with supporters of Israel? M...
06/25/10 09:03 am

No Peace

Is Islam a religion of peace?
12/30/09 08:30 pm

The W. Swagger

Dick Cheney is a blessing as former Vice President, happily going where no one e...
06/05/09 11:33 am

Raising Caine

Will this be our final image of Kwai Chang Caine? The body of American actor Dav...
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