09/28/12 04:38 am

Time Editor Puts Hate on Tea Party

Is the Tea Party the equivalent of radical Islam? That's how the left seems...
09/18/12 03:12 pm

Krauthammer: Why They're Blaming the Movie

Krauthammer cites new polls that show a huge drop in approval of the US in the M...
06/14/11 06:37 am

Herman Cain Asked If He's Being Bigoted

Is the black man a bigot?
03/30/11 01:44 am

Cain Defends/Clarifies Muslim Remarks

A former pizza company executive who is capturing the fancy of some on the right...
03/10/11 09:35 am

BBC Tackles Peter King Islam Hearings

The BBC offers "balanced" coverage over Peter King's congressiona...
11/23/10 09:43 pm

Whoopi Gets Dopey on the Factor

Whoopi, a guest on O'Reilly, insists that all terrorists are created equal....
11/16/10 02:22 am

All Junk Created Equal... Maybe

Janet Napolitano says "Look..." to start her response to a question ab...
10/31/10 02:04 pm

Birthers at Fox Destroy Obama Presidency Says Carter

Abuse of the president on the Fox News Channel seem to have overpowered the nati...
09/28/10 07:00 pm

Not a Muslim

Ann Coulter wants liberals under a polygraph so she can ask them if they believe...
09/10/10 02:46 pm

What We're Saying

The president is now fomenting anger toward Muslims. He has so elevated the impo...
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