02/03/11 02:31 am

Mubarak Shifts to Violence to Hold Power

An explanation of the shift to violence in Egypt from the NY Times. The deployme...
02/02/11 07:05 pm

Obama Riding on Middle East Roller Coaster

There was a whole different mood in Egypt today, as pro-Mubarak crowds mixed it ...
02/02/11 02:10 am

Too Much Mubarak Dovetailing From Obama?

Krauthammer questions the wisdom of having the president speak right after Mubar...
02/01/11 01:52 pm

Tahrir Square

Scenes from Cairo.  
01/31/11 04:45 am

Mubarak Still Hanging On

Update from Egypt. Helicopters hovered over Cairo's Tahrir Square Monday mo...
01/30/11 10:28 am

Hillary Indicates U.S. Done with Mubarak

The U.S. has moved on from the president of Egypt, offering leadership toward an...
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