02/12/11 09:40 pm

Couldn't ABC Put the Map on the Wall?

In the Arab world, it's an insult to show someone the soles of your shoes. ...
02/11/11 06:18 pm

U.S. Reviews Not Great From Cairo Crowd

How do Egyptian protesters feel about America? Leland Vittert reports from Egypt...
02/11/11 09:13 am

Media Using "Disarray" to Describe White House on Egypt

Is the Obama administration in disarray and meltdown over Egypt? It's a pop...
02/11/11 02:32 am

Tense Day Expected After Cairo Bait & Switch

What was up with the bait and switch in Egypt yesterday? It seemed as though the...
02/10/11 05:37 pm

Mubarak Digs In After Building Hopes of Departure

Celebration was in the air today in Tahrir Square as rumors led Egyptians believ...
02/10/11 12:58 pm

Egypt: "All Your Demands Will Be Met"

With a speech from Hosne Mubarak expected tonight, word from Egypt is that hs is...
02/08/11 09:21 am

Palin Says Obama Waiting for the Beep

Sarah complains that the president hasn't explained our course regarding Eg...
02/07/11 03:32 pm

Is Pursuit of Stability Wasting Egypt's Moment?

Why was former Ambassador Frank Wisner sent to Egypt to talk to President Mubara...
02/07/11 08:29 am

Eleanor Clift Takes Egypt Beating on McLaughlin

Did Obama botch Egypt? Listen the McLaughlin Group.
02/06/11 05:48 am

David Brooks - Obama Correction Critical in Egypt

David Brooks says the Obama White House was caught off guard and responded poorl...
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