11/04/10 09:14 am

Can You Say Impeachment? Liberals are Talking About It!

Ed Schultz is all fired up about impeachment. Impeachment? Ready to go? Interest...
11/03/10 02:05 pm

Marco Rubio: Cuban American + Conservative = Hater

Minorities who don't support the liberal model of holding other minorities ...
11/01/10 08:26 pm

Obama the Messiah - Chris Matthews Remembers When

Chris Matthews laments that the salesman Obama from the campaign never made it t...
09/30/10 04:29 am

Left Meat

The president attacks Fox News for being destructive, yet has accolades for MSNB...
09/28/10 07:41 pm

MSPep Talk

Chris Matthews makes the case for why the socialists should be happy with Barack...
09/21/10 02:36 am

Tingle Less

Chris Matthews seems to have had a mental blip - for a moment there, he was actu...
09/14/10 04:56 am

Ron Right

Good brawl on MSNBC, with the socialists actually allowing a conservative, Ron C...
09/14/10 02:35 am

Mad Man

More on Newt Gingrich's commentary over the weekend regarding a psychologic...
09/13/10 05:29 pm

Nice Liberals

Will heads be rolling at MSNBC? The network of the extreme left has responded to...
09/11/10 10:31 am

Burning Love

They can't stop loving him. A hunk of burning love!
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