08/25/11 08:10 am

Andrea Mitchell Loved Title IX Growing Up

Title IX was such an important change that it improved Andrea Mitchell's li...
08/24/11 01:56 am

Lying Race Hustlers on MSNBC Do it Again

The liars on MSNBC push the liberal race hustle whenever they can, and even when...
08/19/11 04:46 pm

Sharpton Recap

Cenk could never have accomplished what Al has over the past couple of years.
08/19/11 01:41 am

More Great Sharpton

He's a joy - perhaps the best host on liberal TV.
08/17/11 05:17 am

Phony Race Hustle Continues on MSNBC

The race whores on MSNBC handed off the baton on their phony "Black Clo...
08/16/11 05:17 pm

MSNBC: A Big Black Cloud

I don't know what Ed Schultz is talking about - even with the cute edit, it...
08/10/11 07:34 pm

Sharpton Trainwreck Video

It's hard to get enough of Al's Comedy Central act on MSNBC.
08/05/11 09:49 am

Should There Be Another WPA?

Chris Matthews thinks the president is showing a lack of spine, that he needs to...
08/04/11 10:05 am

Romney & Perry Benefit From Background

Frank Rich assesses the GOP presidential race.  
08/04/11 02:11 am

Palin: If We Were Terrorists, Obama Would Be Hangin'

Lefties Martin Bashir and Frank Rich get snarky on Sarah Palin, wondering if she...
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