10/18/12 07:02 pm

Fraud Alert: Dems Pay Women Less at MSNBC

Liberal fraud can be hard to find, as it's only obvious if there are libera...
10/05/12 04:32 am

Obama Media: Show Me the Halo

Wouldn't you think a debate with a passive moderator would be 'advanta...
10/04/12 05:16 am

Chris Matthews Can't Take It

Chris Matthews melts down over the president's horrible performance in the ...
09/22/12 10:53 am

MSNBC Trusts Fox News

Lawrence O'Donnell - leftist of MSNBC - is in love with Fox News and the un...
09/11/12 06:47 pm

Socialists Complain About Their Socialist Box

Wackjobs on MSNBC today were funnier than usual contorting themselves to meet th...
09/06/12 06:48 pm

Toure: We Need Scott Brown

Left wing MSNBC wacko Toure was saddened by Liz Warren's convention perform...
08/13/12 04:34 pm

Leftist Professor Reinvents Constitution on MSNBC

Here's one of the weekend hosts on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry, demonstrati...
06/07/12 06:50 pm

Chuck Todd Forgets he Works For MSNBC

Chris Matthews is trying to do his usual one sided rant about the evil Republica...
05/29/12 04:33 am

MSNBC Host Apologizes for 'Hero' Comments

MSNBC host Chris Hayes has apologized for questioning the use of the term '...
04/01/12 08:28 am

Trayvon: Canvas For Leftist Vision

Advocacy journalism as practiced by Toure on MSNBC.
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