08/17/10 06:55 pm

Like A Hawk

Yesterday, it was just a press release announcing Harry Reid's opposition t...
08/17/10 02:42 pm

No Nothing

Former Obama aide Anita Dunn pushes love and understanding by calling the GOP ha...
08/17/10 05:32 am

More Mosque Commentary

Is Obama's mosque move the dumbest thing since Mike Dukakis said burning th...
08/17/10 04:43 am

Sarah Smiles

What a great gift the president has given Republican candidates. (Has he done it...
08/17/10 02:48 am

Principle Party

Rep. Peter King, with Stephanopoulos, on the mosque. Rep Keith Ellison, the firs...
08/16/10 06:30 pm

Rush on Mosque

Rush compares liberal reaction to Walmart location versus Mosque location, and b...
08/16/10 04:52 pm

No Countries

The president made his ill conceived remarks about the World Trade Center Mosque...
08/16/10 07:05 am

Cokie Not Buying

Cokie Roberts, usually a reliable leftist sycophant, says the president is not t...
08/14/10 05:00 pm

Slippery in Chief

Last night, the news was that President Obama was endorsing the idea of a mosque...
08/14/10 07:57 am

Presidential Mosque

Suddenly, the president remembers the Constitution.
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