04/19/12 04:39 am

Obama's Dog History Tough to Digest

If you were running the Obama campaign, would you make a big deal out of Mitt�...
04/13/12 04:42 am

Ann Romney Turns War on Women on Dems

Ann Romney was all over the news Thursday driving home the Hilary Rosen's u...
04/12/12 05:29 pm

Obama Adviser Struggles with Apology

Given the chance to apologize to Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen seems more comfortable...
04/11/12 12:18 pm

Pundits: Mitt Can Win

 The Morning Joe crowd - Harold Ford, Jr, Mark Halperin and John Heilem...
04/10/12 04:00 pm

Santorum Quits, Endorsement Later

Rick Santorum quit the presidential race today, two weeks before the Pennsylvani...
04/03/12 07:30 pm

Wisconsin Mystery

Did Democrats try to sabotage Republicans by voting for Rick Santorum?
03/22/12 07:54 pm

Mitt's Bad Day Sends Etch a Sketch Soaring

The presidential campaign turned into a marketing campaign for Etch a Sketch in ...
03/21/12 11:47 am

Please Stand Up: The Real Slim Romney

It looks like I haven't posted this yet, but I should have done it yesterda...
03/18/12 04:32 pm

Mitt's Good Answer

Bret Baier suggests to Mitt Romney that Rick Santorum might not be such a bad bu...
03/13/12 06:48 pm

Not Much Southern Love for Mitt

Here's a quick look at exit polls by Fox News two hours before the end of v...
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