05/09/12 12:51 pm

Ron Paul Indie Run Changes Nothing

Mitt Romney leads the president by 5% in today's Rasmussen daily tracking p...
05/02/12 01:41 am

Heckler: Mitt Romney You're a Racist

A New York heckler shares the love and compassion with Mitt Romney as he does a ...
05/01/12 05:06 pm

Romney 2007: bin Laden Will Die

 In a presidential debate in 2007, Mitt Romney was clear about getting ...
05/01/12 11:44 am

Arianna: Obama ad Despicable

Even lefty Arianna Huffington says the president has gone too far with an attack...
04/29/12 07:13 pm

Hilary Rosen Gets Hate Speech Reward

Hilary Rosen is a high paid Democratic consultant who burst into the national co...
04/28/12 06:44 pm

Krauthammer's New Name For Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush should change his name says Charles Krauthammer, since it's the la...
04/26/12 04:29 am

Newt Gets Out Right

Newt is getting out of the presidential race, and he's talking the way Rick...
04/25/12 07:38 pm

Mitt Pitches Fair Fairness

Mitt tries to grab the fairness narrative away from the president, highlighting ...
04/20/12 04:22 am

Mitt: Do These Cookies Suck?

Note to Mitt - be positive, especially when people are offering you food.
04/19/12 05:03 pm

Romney Hits on Jobs

With more bad jobs numbers out Thursday, Mitt Romney continued to focus on the p...
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