mitt romney

10/23/12 02:59 pm

John Kerry Says Romney's a Flip Flopper!

John Kerry says don't vote for Mitt Romney - he's a flip flopper! Yest...
10/14/12 12:21 pm

Colbert: Loving Romney's Long Luscious Coattails

Stephen Colbert tells David Gregory that he's very pleased as a performer t...
10/06/12 04:07 pm

Mitt Romney, Lady's Man

Mitt Romney, chasing the ladies.
10/06/12 05:29 am

Actor: Mitt Attacked Children

As he reacts to Mitt Romney's call for a defunding of PBS, Actor LeVar Burt...
10/04/12 07:01 pm

James Lipton: Romney Was Remarkable

Even James Lipton of the Actor's Studio can't get over the transformat...
10/04/12 02:04 am

Gergen: Obama was Offended

David Gergen says Mitt Romney gave his best debate performance ever, and that no...
10/02/12 04:32 am

Heilemann: Romney's Got to Hold Conservatives

John Heilemann, co-author of Game Change, explains why the presidential debate i...
09/30/12 07:56 pm

Matt Dowd Accuses Romney of Political Malpractice

The Romney campaign has committed political malpractice for having sat around an...
09/30/12 04:24 pm

Howard Dean: Romney is Jimmy Carter

It doesn't matter how well Mitt Romney does in the debates, thinks Howard D...
09/27/12 01:41 am

Romney: Too Cheap to Campaign

Looking for clues as to why Romney's campaign expects to win the White Hous...
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