10/24/12 12:54 pm

Clint: Hold 'Em Accountable

Clint Eastwood's new pro-Mitt ad done by American Crossroads. ... we borrow...
10/02/12 05:21 am

Shrum: How Zingers Work

People tend to focus on debate zingers, but Democrat consultant Bob Shrum warns ...
09/21/12 04:37 pm

McCain: Would Peggy Noonan Shutup

John McCain is tired of people on the right attacking Mitt Romney - people like ...
09/18/12 03:06 pm

Romney Targets Obama's War on Women

Killer ad on debt from the Romney campaign. Dear Daughter - Your share of Obama&...
09/18/12 04:16 am

Mitt Shines Light on Democrat Scam

For some reason, candidates haven't heard about cell phone video cameras. B...
08/30/12 07:05 pm

Romney: It's Time to Fight Back

Let the general election begin... with Mitt rebuilding his Bain Capital image.
08/26/12 07:12 pm

The Romney Chore Wheel

Some insight into how Mitt will run the country.
08/24/12 03:09 pm

Mitt Ribs Obama on Birth Certificate

Speaking in his hometown in Michigan, Mitt Romney mocked President Obama over th...
08/23/12 07:10 pm

New Poll: It's a Dead Heat

A Fox News Poll of likely voters shows a virtual tie, with Romney leading Obama ...
08/13/12 10:01 am

Paul Ryan: Bring Back Fairness

Here are some clips of Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes Sunday night with Mitt. Very appe...
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