09/01/12 12:24 pm

Dems Shiver Over Hispanic Office Holders

Keeping minorities down is the business of Democrats, so you can't blame th...
03/20/12 02:11 am

Voter ID Laws - A Wicked, Evil Plot

Why isn't the argument that minorities are disenfranchised by Voter ID Laws...
10/26/10 04:42 am

How Democrats Are Destroying Democracy by Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson explains the Democrats' electoral strategy - pay off special ...
08/05/10 03:05 pm

Racial Confusion

Am I reading too much into it, or does the media not seem electrified by the ide...
06/24/10 01:31 pm

Defective People

Oh, these Democrats. They relate so well to the little people - it's becaus...
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