mike barnacle

12/08/11 12:43 pm

Blago Sentence Too Long

The  14 year sentence for former Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich is a t...
11/30/11 12:00 pm

Barnacle Says Tip O'Neill Hated Newt

Mike Barnacle says that former house Speaker Tip O'Neill was a gentle guy w...
11/29/11 09:09 am

Protecting Mitt, Coulter Dumps on Teddy

Ann Coulter does a Ted Kennedy rant on Morning Joe, while Mike Barnacle says &am...
11/11/11 12:09 pm

Scarborough: Bush is a Bright Guy

Joe Scarborough objects to the suggestion that Rick Perry is too dumb to be pres...
09/20/11 01:04 pm

$38,000 Per Person and Laughing

Mike Barnacle wonders why rich liberals, on their way to a fundraiser in New Yor...
07/09/11 06:21 am

Barnicle & Pataki Debate Tax Hikes

Mike Barnacle thinks it's politics at it's worse to call raising taxes...
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