07/11/09 11:20 am

Barack's Babeski

Is the President really ogling the 16 year old from Rio? The video makes things ...
06/13/09 12:35 am

Poor Dave

Disgusting exploitation, isn't it?
03/13/09 11:47 am

Down a Smidgen

Last week, you'll recall that President Obama sought to calm concerns over ...
03/11/09 09:27 pm

Rolling Heads

You would think that her support of fetishism, pornography, prostitution and hom...
02/25/09 06:06 am

State of the Meltdown

I've gotten too old, I suppose, to take this seriously.
12/20/08 05:46 pm

Let it Be

Have you ever wondered what sort of impression the American people would have of...
12/17/08 04:03 pm

Investigation to Nowhere

Who cares about Barack when there's a Blagojevich feeding frenzy in progres...
12/02/08 09:19 am

Ring Man

Some on the left will be bothered by Barack's extravagant gift to Michelle.
11/17/08 09:35 am


Barack's most natural condition is being serious.
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