michelle rhee

07/28/12 07:57 am

Olympic Spoof From the Chancellor

Most Americans don't understand the danger we're in as a nation becaus...
04/02/12 01:23 am

Union Boss: Firing Teachers Bad for Their Self-Esteem

This lunatic teachers union president from Washington shows how Democrats and th...
03/03/12 05:28 am

Ed Reform - Fighting Those Who Put Adults Ahead of Kids

What makes Michelle Rhee, former head of the DC schools, a school reformer? She ...
03/03/12 05:10 am

Howard Dean Carries Union Water

Democrats, who are partners with unions in holding education hostage to their ow...
10/21/11 10:03 am

Rhee: DC Adults Continue to Hurt Kids

Michelle Rhee, an ed reformer once the darling of the left, is attacking congres...
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