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09/05/12 03:17 pm

Morning Joe Glows Over Michelle's Acting

In support of my previous post regarding the great performance turned in by Mich...
09/05/12 12:28 pm

Michelle Obama: Frustration and Disappointment

Theory: Politicians are like Hollywood actors. Their job is to deliver lines in ...
07/31/12 02:25 pm

Media Bias Drives Romney Coverage

Michelle, lovely. Ann, gauche!
02/01/12 06:31 pm

Michelle Says Mitt's Singing Beautiful

On Leno, Michelle reviewed the singing of her husband - as well as Republican Mi...
01/19/12 10:29 am

Rush Limbaugh Is Not A Fine Human Being, A Decent Person Or An Average American

The idiotic Rush Limbaugh sunk to a new low on his radio show yesterday. Durin...
01/11/12 02:20 pm

Michelle: Angry Black Woman

Michelle complains about being viewed as an angry black woman. She tells CBS...
11/21/11 04:23 am

Michelle Less Proud of America

Michelle Obama gets mixed reviews from a NASCAR crowd.
11/08/11 06:50 am

Michelle Parties Like She's Not Laura Bush

Michelle Obama has taped a segment to be aired in January for a kids show called...
04/28/11 05:00 am

Beyonce Likes Veggies Too

Beyonce offers some support to Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign. I...
04/20/11 05:30 am

Hand's Off the First Mother-in-laws Intimate Wear

Michelle's mother lives with them in the White House, and does her own laun...
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