05/15/12 07:21 pm

Author Defends: I Voted for Obama

Edward Klein is a tough target for the Obama crowd considering he's the for...
11/21/11 08:03 pm

Limbaugh Critiques Michelle's Uppity-ism

Rush Limbaugh made the ABC evening news for his critique of Michelle Obama'...
09/16/11 04:39 am

Read Her Lips: No New Patriotism

Michelle expresses disgust over respect shown to flag in September 11 ceremonies...
07/13/11 09:21 am

First Lady of Fitness Pigs Out

Being a role model is a burden.
05/11/11 08:06 pm

White House Falls into Common Trap

The White House put itself into a box - Block the hateful race baiting rapper Co...
02/08/11 07:05 am

Michelle Would Take Away Barack's Corncakes

In his former life as a state senator, Barack Obama did restaurant reviews. Now,...
12/10/10 09:15 pm

Bill Clinton: I'm in Control Here

Has there ever been a moment like this - a president calling in a former preside...
11/06/10 06:16 pm

Michelle's Shuffle Diplomacy

Michelle boogies with the kids in Mumbai.
10/28/10 11:58 am

Michelle Says She and Barack Are Being Bullied

Michelle and Ellen Degeneres equate political opposition to the Obamas to bullyi...
10/20/10 04:54 am

Barack & Michelle, Video Stars

They're right about one thing... we are fired up, ready to go!
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