michele bachmann

04/04/11 11:46 am

Palin Plummets While Bachmann Bounces

As we said way back in our January 26th post, it appears that Sarah Palin and ...
03/31/11 02:03 pm

Cain Goes Racial

I get Herman Cain's point about the ladies. But why the "real Black Ma...
03/24/11 03:25 pm

Bachmann - Presidential Vibe Encouraging

Michele Bachmann on chances she'll seek the presidency.
03/15/11 08:02 pm

Bachmann Not Shaken By Media "Shot"

Michelle Bachmann isn't surprised on how she's been pummeled over her ...
03/07/11 09:04 am

Bachmann: ObamaCare Crime Against Democracy

Crimes against democracy! What a great line from Michelle Bachmann describing Ob...
01/30/11 10:03 am

Michele Bachmann Gets SNL Treatment

Why Bachmann's people allowed her to be shot by cameras other than the ones...
01/20/11 09:18 am

Chris Matthews Concern Over Toxic Talk Dissipates

Chris Matthews has devoted tons of time since the Tucson shootings focusing on t...
01/03/11 04:32 am

Is Michele Harry's Belle?

Why is liberal CBS host Harry Smith, filling in for Bob Scheiffer, so friendly w...
12/19/10 11:18 am

Liberals Discuss Michele Bachmann With Sexist Disdain

Chris Matthews guffaws with guests over the irony of Michele Bachmann being name...
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