michael moore

03/03/11 02:11 am

Wealthy Michael Moore Wants Rich People Stopped

Michael Moore makes the socialist argument - money doesn't belong to the pe...
01/19/11 04:40 am

New Discourse Sounds Alot Like the Old Discourse

They say they want a more concilliatory political environment, but liberals just...
01/04/11 07:04 am

Michael Moore Tees Off on Issa

Michael Moore suggests that Darrell Issa is a racist for saying that the Obama a...
08/03/10 08:41 am

Fidel Moore

Michael Moore says he will arrange for his next film not to be released in Arizo...
03/25/10 06:37 pm

Sicko Care

There's a reason I've been calling it Castro Care.
03/12/10 12:18 pm

Moore Whoopin'

Michael Moore is disgusted with Democrats. Aren't we all, if for different ...
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