michael moore

11/30/11 04:30 am

Michael Moore: Capitalism is Evil

Michael Moore says capitalism, as practiced in 2011, is evil and over (go to the...
11/24/11 08:23 am

Michael Moore: World's Biggest Turkey

The Top Five Political Turkeys of 2011.
10/27/11 03:40 pm

Michael Moore: Obama Still Has the Fourth Quarter

Michael Moore talks, at a book signing, about how difficult it's going to b...
10/26/11 08:02 pm

Michael Moore Denies One Percent Status

Michael Moore insists he's not part of the one percent - the top earners wh...
09/27/11 09:43 am

Michael Moore Cheers Wall Street Protests

Protesters have been marching on Wall Street for the past 10 days. Monday evenin...
07/25/11 08:05 am

Palin Flick A Flop

05/25/11 12:55 pm

Michael Moore Wants Obama to Kill Cars

Michael Moore has another wonderful idea. He wants the president to kill off the...
05/08/11 01:36 pm

Rosie as Dopey as Michael Moore

Rosie O'Donnell pulls a Michael Moore and says killing bin Laden was wrong....
03/30/11 02:46 am

Michael Moore Needs Weekends to Defend Unions

Michael Moore on Colbert continues the socialist talking point that there's...
03/06/11 03:49 pm

Michael Moore Looks in Mirror, Gets Mad at Rich

Michael Moore speaks to protesters in Madison yesterday. He apparently thinks th...
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