michael jackson

05/22/12 02:12 pm

Obama Channels Michael Jackson

We all ready know the president can sing - but have you seen him dance?
02/08/10 06:38 pm

The King is Dead, Again

Just 8 months after the death of the King of Pop, the King of Pork has joined hi...
07/08/09 10:22 pm

Getting Real

The Rasmussen Poll, America's most accurate in the last election cycle, say...
07/08/09 05:08 pm

Don't Be Cruel

Life isn't easy for the childen of "the best father you could ever ima...
07/07/09 05:30 pm

Burial Bling

The Michael Jackson World Orgy is on in LA. Meanwhile... Will Congress have the...
07/03/09 03:13 pm

Lurch Does Michael

The glowing coverage of Michael Jackson's sad performance in a just release...
06/29/09 11:58 am

All You Need

One of the fascinating things about the Jackson Family is how dumb they are. So ...
06/25/09 08:14 pm

Like Elvis

Michael Jackson is dead. We've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He wa...
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