01/31/12 05:04 am

Mitt: Smart Man (and Thick as a Brick)

Mitt Romney has simply spent too much of his life in the penthouse - there'...
05/31/11 01:40 pm

Five Shot & Killed As Teacher Leads Kids in Song

Amazing video of a Mexican teacher soothing her kids with song as drug wars are ...
08/02/10 04:41 pm

Melting the Border

While Americans want a sharper defense of the border, Democrats are working to m...
07/17/10 06:19 pm

Border Death

Will terror explosions seep over the border from Mexico? This represents quite ...
06/12/10 01:01 pm

Something Stupid

Obama lies, the Gulf Coast dies.
05/24/10 07:01 pm

Human Rats

Last week, the Mexican president came to the United States, met with President O...
05/20/10 06:15 pm

Send Money

Imagine how emotional the Democrats will get over the Arizona immigration law if...
05/19/10 03:43 pm

50 Ways

The president is apparently having trouble finding people to lament the new Ariz...
04/26/10 08:51 am

Feel Better

Good news for a Monday morning - there are jobs that are more difficult to cope ...
08/10/09 07:35 am

Racist Nation

Who would have guessed that Canadians are haters? Too many Mexicans, the Canadia...
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