09/08/10 04:29 pm

Smart Man

How prescient. Here is Barack Obama, a newly sworn in Senator, warning his party...
07/14/10 02:55 pm

Messiah Resistant

Americans are too spoiled - unworthy of the benefits of The One - and poor Presi...
09/04/09 06:55 am

Not Getting It

The Obama folk don't seem to grasp what's happening. The Messiah rules...
07/03/09 03:13 pm

Lurch Does Michael

The glowing coverage of Michael Jackson's sad performance in a just release...
06/05/09 11:33 am

Raising Caine

Will this be our final image of Kwai Chang Caine? The body of American actor Dav...
03/03/09 08:25 pm

Swirling Brooks

This morning, I announced on the air (WRKO Boston) that it's time for Barac...
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