05/20/11 06:58 am

Brown Beats Elders Down

04/26/11 06:53 am

Tables Turned: GOP Getting Bashed at Townhalls

Now it's Republicans who are facing hostility at Town Hall meetings, as sen...
04/25/11 06:50 pm

Just Call Them Demo-gogues

Hateful Dems admit there's an entitlement crisis, but are more concerned wi...
04/14/11 11:02 am

Obama: Social Programs Make us Great

One of the more disgusting parts of the presidential demagoguery of yesterday�...
02/15/11 02:24 am

Reich, David Walker Discuss President's Fiscal Failure

David Walker, former U.S. comptroller, calls out the president for failing to le...
01/16/11 01:01 pm

Poll Shows Little Support for Tax Hikes

Voters don't buy the idea of tax hikes to deal with shortages. And why shou...
11/10/10 04:06 pm

Funny How They Didn't Say This Two Weeks Ago

After all the demagoguing by the Dems duing the election cycle, here's what...
09/22/10 07:27 pm

Compassion Care

Donald Berwick is the president's Medicare/Medicaid Czar, and he's eag...
08/03/10 07:04 am

One Shot

Could somebody please give Barney a bullet? Factcheck argues that the ad, which ...
03/24/10 04:02 pm

The Dingell Knows

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Co...
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